The LASIK industry & the FDA have conspired since LASIK's inception to purposely withhold information vital to the public in making a truly informed LASIK decision. With, The hope is to show you what the industry and FDA would not and did not even think of doing until LASIK casualties started speaking out, and yet, they still did NOTHING.
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Wednesday, 30 November 2005 19:00

Dr. William Trattler asks that patients lobby against contact lenses

 "LASIK question" Posted by William B. Trattler, MD

Excerpt: "My last comment is to inform some of the LASIK bashers that one of the alternatives to LASIK - contact lenses - can also be a serious health risk to the eye. As a cornea specialist, I take care of contact lens-associated corneal infections on a daily basis. Many patients in the United States go blind every day from the use of contact lenses (especially when patients sleep in them). So please also lobby against the use of contact lenses if you want to reduce the risk of eye injury in the U.S.".

Bill Trattler, MD


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