The LASIK industry & the FDA have conspired since LASIK's inception to purposely withhold information vital to the public in making a truly informed LASIK decision. With, The hope is to show you what the industry and FDA would not and did not even think of doing until LASIK casualties started speaking out, and yet, they still did NOTHING.
FDA MDR reports for problems/injuries by VISX laser PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 November 2005 19:00

FDA MDR reports for problems/injuries by VISX laser  

"Visx star 83 laser which had software to prevent "central island" complications did not prevent this complication in left eye. Pt was never told of this complication from original o. D. , or m. D. Surgeon. Pt did not find out about this complication until they went to another dr in 5/2003. Currently pt is trying to find a resolution to diplopia, and other retinal imaging issues caused by this laser and its software." To see more MDRs (Medical Device Reports) filed with the FDA on the VISX laser, go to the following link and type in "VISX" in the "Manufacturer" field and "LZS" for the "Product Code".