Although the marketing of LASIK focuses on quality of life, informed consent never does. Instead, the real risks are hidden in medical jargon that never mentions their true effects, particularly severe depression and suicidal ideation.


Ghosting, no loss of contrast sensitivity

Starbursting at Dawn

Ghosted Text

Starbursting, with weak halo

Starbursting, no loss of Contrast Sensitivity

Triple-ghosted Scrabble board



A Finnish study found that particles of various sizes and reflectivity were clinically visible in 38.7% of eyes examined via slit lamp biomicroscopy, but apparent in 100% of eyes using confocal microscopy.

Some patients have reported large chunks of metal in their corneas after lasik.

Watch a video of a confocal exam of another LASIK patient with an extraordinary amount of metallic debris from the LASIK microkeratome blade.



LASIK Blade Leaves Metal Under Flap

LASIK flap disintegrates during lifting


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